10 Simple Ways On How To Stay Positive

Most likely, you already have heard of the advice that to be happy, you must stay positive at How to Stay Positive. 


Most likely, you already have heard of the advice that to be happy – one must stay positive at all times. But really, how do you do just that? The following are only ten of the most helpful ways that can help you get started. 


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To develop a positive mindset, the first and the foremost thing to do is mind your language. With every negative sentence that comes out of your mouth, you may direct your mind towards negativity, while with every positive statement, you help your mind to be positive. — Jacqueline Pearce, MSEd, LMHC

Look For Something Positive In An Otherwise Negative Situation 

To do this, you must explore what opportunities the negative situation can bring you. For instance, if you did not make it to the cut of a singing audition, at least you experienced how it feels like to face a lot of people on stage. This can help improve your stage presence the next time you try for another audition in the future. Turn every adverse outcome into an opportunity to enhance oneself and a learning experience that you can say “This one is for the books!” 


Take One Day At A Time 

Take things as they come. If, for example, you failed an exam the other day, languishing around and feeling sorry for yourself, you can strive harder to attain higher marks on your next examinations. Also, never be affected much by the feelings as the emotions can linger and become contagious to others. Allow yourself to be sad for a brief time, but never for long. Prolonging one’s emotional agony can only make matters worse. Look forward to gathering your overall being and take concrete steps to overcome your daily trials. 


Surround Yourself With Positive People And Things 

It is true that you emanate whatever aura your surroundings provide you. It is a lot better to be infected with happy laughter instead of troublesome negativity. As much as possible, stay away from negative people to avoid “absorbing” the energy they bring forth to other people. This is one of the essential considerations for the law of attraction as well. Hanging an encouraging quote on the wall or posting a photo of your dreamed vacation spot, will energize or motivate you to have a better perspective on life. 


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 Becoming aware of your thoughts, and reframing your choice of words in describing those thoughts, is an effective way to limit the stress in your brain and body. — Janeen Herskovitz, MA, LMHC

Let Go Of Small Things That Can Bring You Stress 

If your friend forgot to buy you your favorite food when she went for her beach vacation, do not feel sorry about it. First of all, this does not help anyone. Second, the negative vibrations will grow on you, and these will manifest through your actions. 


Brighten Someone Else’s Day 

Even the modest of things can go a long way. Helping a senior woman cross the street, sharing some food with your workmates, and talking about something beautiful to a total stranger is just some random acts of kindness that can help spread positivity. 


Do Not Let Fear Restrict Your Life Completely 

When you start to fear something, you tend to overthink things. And when you overthink things, chances are you will have second thoughts on grabbing an opportunity held wide open for you. If it does not kill you, try to take some risks from time to time. Forgive yourself entirely if things do not go your way in the end. 

 Daily meditation practice can help to correct [this] imbalance and allow us to retrain our minds so we are less likely to overreact with intense anger or fear to psychological threats, such as rejection. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Meditate On One Part Of Your Day 

The ideal times of the day to do this is first thing in the morning or that time before you go to bed. Aside from giving you inner peace, meditation can provide you with a better overall state of well-being.  



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Mastering the art of staying positive does not take place overnight. Usually, this makes a cycle of hits, misses, and trying everything all over again. Therefore, you must persevere until you get the hang of it. Give it at least a few months, and you will see the difference.