5 Doable Ways To Be Positive And Productive In Your Workplace

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Positivity breeds productivity in the workplace. How can we attain the former to boost the latter? Below are five simple ways.

Too many of us continue to believe that an “ideal worker” is one who works constantly, often at great expense to their personal life, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. — Ron Friedman Ph.D.

It’s easy to be positive when things are going well in your workplace. However, amidst the fluctuating economy and an unpredictable work future, it’s hard to put on a smile and adopt optimism. What’s more, your negative thoughts significantly impact your productivity – for the worse. So, how do you keep your positivity upand keep on being a productive employee even when the going gets rough and tough at work? Here are the five doable ways.

1. Be A Thank-Filled Person Instead Of A Complaint-Filled One.

It’s easy to rant out complaints and see the wrong side of everything. Complaining might be wired to humans that way. But starting your work day with negativity affects your productivity all throughout.

So, go against the flow (even from your own!) by being grateful instead of complaining. Find something to be thankful for in your work. Instead of ranting about the seemingly never-ending pile of paperwork, be grateful you have a kind boss or helpful co-workers. Instead of complaining about how far your work desk is from the photocopier (and the coffee machine), be thankful that you get to have a little exercise as you make your way to it or how wonderfully-placed your desk is as it’s close to the window and the view.

Simply put, see the good in everything.

Write a letter to your future self. Get to know that person so that you feel more connected to him or her. — Susan K Perry Ph.D.

2.Decorate Your Workspace For Motivation

Ask your superior about what decorations are allowed then, fire away! Take as much creativity as you can and what is permitted to beautify your work desk. Bring in frames of your loved ones if seeing them is what gets you going in your work. Put up posters of quotes about motivation. And don’t forget a pot of greens. Some studies have revealed the motivational benefits of plants in the workplace.

3. Develop Friendships With Your Co-Workers

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Sometimes, not having friends at work could be one of the reasons why we’re in a productivity rut. There’s nothing wrong with being focused on your job but don’t let that stop you from befriending your co-workers or atleast have an amiable affinity with them. It’s fun and refreshing to share coffee and snacks with others, talk to them about a job which workings they could also understand and, perhaps, brainstorm ideas with you for the betterment of specific work tasks.

4.Concentrate On One Task At A Time

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Having too many on your plate could be another causal factor for your pessimism, stress and diminished productivity. Do things one at a time. This way, you’ll be able to see every task to its completion. Multitasking doesn’t get things done quickly. Studies show that doing two or more undertakings take as much time or even more as doing things individually. Besides, other research divulged how multitasking diminishes our brain power.

Make a list of some of the things that stress you out, as well as a list of things that re-energize you. — Snehal Kumar, PhD

  1. Leave Work At Your Workplace.

Don’t take your job along with you when you go home. Have time for the other priorities in your life – family, vacation, spending time with yourself or your loved ones. These times away from your job keeps you refreshed and ready (and sane!) to tackle greater things and go to higher heights.

Leave your work worries at the doorstep of your office when you clock out at five. Be mindful of how the rest of the day goes on – may that time be spent with your kids, your spouse, your partner or yourself. Doing so gives your mind rest which it needs for it to take on old and new challenges that might come your way the next workday.

The ways enumerated in this article are apparently common-sensical ones people do to battle negativity and unproductivity at work. However, we tend to forgo them in search of better and more valuable methods to deal with our office problems without acknowledging that it’s the simple things we need.