Achieving Happiness And Success Through These Qualities


Throughout our lives, we often act as our own worst enemy, sabotaging our success, undoing our relationships, hurting the people closest to us, and not really living our lives based on the things that really matter to us and that would give our lives meaning. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

The two main things that people look for in life are the need to be happy and the desire to find satisfaction. To reach these goals and to find personal satisfaction on one’s life and career, read below and start integrating these simple qualities within yourself. Don’t forget to share these with your family and friends – because you do want them to be happy and successful.

Be Honest

Practicing the art of being honest will be one of the most significant things you can do for yourself and your business. If you’re wondering how speaking only of the truth should be important to you, think about the ill effects of lying or hiding the truth. Do not taint your reputation by lying to others about matters that are serious or even lame. Once you lose that clean and honest reputation of yours, there’s no coming back.

Being truthful builds strong relationships with your spouse, children, business partners and competitors, customers, and others that are based on trust and integrity. People are eager to improve their relationship with you.

Be Genuine

No matter how hard or easy the circumstances may be in your life, always be yourself. Show others that you make a stand and assert your right, that you can voice out your own opinions and ideas and that you are entitled to your freedom. Don’t keep quiet just so you’d belong. Risk not being liked but rather be appreciated by the fact that in all things, you are authentic the ways that you face life’s daily struggles. Accept your uniqueness and the fact that you are different from others.

When you are being realistic and not pretend to be something that you’re not, choices become easier to make because they’re based on what you really want and stand for.

Welcome Challenges

Welcoming challenges will only mean getting the most out of your life and your career. You can’t just wait for a promotion without stepping out of your comfort zone or risk doing what you most fear. Push yourself to rise to the occasion of expanding your potential. Be determined to pursue your short and long term goals. Find that thing that has always eluded you, that thing that you know for sure will propel you to achieving success and happiness because you pushed yourself to grab it despite how difficult it was for you.


The more you welcome a challenge and get something positive out of it, your confidence increases, encouraging you to continue challenging yourself even more. Believe that these challenges are only available to help you learn how to outdo yourself, instill more knowledge and skill in you.

Through practicing mindfulness – or being able to stay in the moment without judgment – the mind develops strength of attention and the power of focus. — Donna Rockwell, Psy.D.

Practice Thoughtfulness

Be thoughtful to others and treat them with care and compassion. When you value people and make them feel important, they become more confident to motivate themselves. Being thoughtful involves being emotionally connected to those connected in your life without being a pushover. It is showing respect for others’ opinions and beliefs even if they’re different than yours.

If there’s something about an encounter with someone that you don’t agree with, don’t show anger or disappointment. These are unnecessary feelings that need to be restrained so as not to destroy existing relationships that you’ve tried so hard to establish. Ultimately, there is nothing intelligent in being angry.

Prioritize Those You Love

The people that you love should always come first. They should be, because they’re the people who love you, care for you, and worry about you genuinely. They are there to support you even when no one else does, and they wouldn’t mind being your punching bag or shock absorber for all your whims and disappointments. When you’re with them, you won’t need to conceal your weaknesses because they’ll love and accept you are you are anyway.

For all these and more, it is only right that they should be first on your list – the people who deserve your emergency exits from very important business meetings because they’re in trouble or it’s their birthday. People who don’t value their significant others may be wealthy but their lives wouldn’t have meaning. And success and satisfaction won’t weight much. Don’t be this person.


Researchers have found that being truly grateful for what you have can have important physical benefits – we sleep better and enjoy better relationships. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Remain Grounded

Despite your eventual success, happiness, and satisfaction, vow to always be grounded. Don’t let your success get to you as the others did. That is self-centeredness – a surefire way to pull you down, spiraling to failure. Don’t boast, but rather let your success do the talking for you.

When you’re humble, you see life with such versatility and candidness. You don’t actually try too hard to be successful only for yourself, but you just go right out and do your thing as you should – with sincerity, commitment, and honesty – and things just fall right into place for you and your loved ones as well.

Bottom Line

Success, happiness, and satisfaction are achieved when you help others succeed and see their worth as well. You must remember to always be real about who you are and what you do. Face your fears and challenges with confidence and humility at the same time. Be a good person and be the reason for a well-lived and meaningful life.