Working From Home: Tips To Stay Productive During The COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for everyone across the world. As we need to isolate ourselves from other people to help flatten the curve, we find ourselves in a fresh set-up. Most companies, if applicable to their nature of the business, have now shifted to remote working.

Going about your professional life this way can present new challenges. With the right amount of effort and resilience, you can use this as an opportunity for positive shifts and growth and stay productive while not compromising you and your loved ones’ state of mind and health.

Read on this article to learn some tips that you can apply to stay at the top of your game amid the COVID-19 pandemic:

Designate A Workspace

Setting up a private workspace in an area of your house is crucial for your productivity. It gives you a sense of focus as if you’re working in the office. If you don’t have a designated desk, you can always improvise. You can create a makeshift office by placing a cushion on the floor and using a portable folding table or a coffee table as your desk. Just make sure to stand up to stretch from time-to-time if you feel soreness or pain.

Moreover, create a calm atmosphere around your workspace. Clean your area and organize whatever clutter there is at least once a day. Using an essential oil diffuser or a scented candle can also boost your mood and brain function.  

Follow A Schedule


It’s easy to get lenient with deadlines when an office set-up does not supervise you. The solution to this is setting a strict work schedule for yourself. From the time you wake up until you start doing your tasks, keep everything under time-frame.

When you strictly follow your timetable, you become more inclined to productivity. Once you’ve completed your tasks, stay away from your workspace, and resist the urge to check your work obligations until the next day. According to Ron Friedman, Ph.D., “To get the most out of every day, you need to guard the hours when you are at your most productive.”

Here are two methods that can help you follow a strict schedule:

  • The Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro method is a time management technique. Set a timer for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break. After four 25-minute sessions, take a 15 to 30 minutes break. These intervals can help you be more productive throughout the day.

  • Use Productivity Applications

You can also utilize applications that boost productivity. Some apps that you can use to schedule your tasks are Evernote, ToDoist, Lift, and

There are also work management tools that can boost team operability like Trello, Teamwork, and Taskworld. You can also keep in touch with your team using video and conference calls using applications like Zoom and Toggl to stay connected and discuss work and even personal matters.

Working With Children Around

If you have children at home, there is a natural tendency to focus on their needs. However, you still need to accomplish your work obligations. Try to have a conversation with your boss about the possibility of a modified schedule that works for you.

If you have an infant, you may use a baby carrier to keep them close to you. If you have toddlers or young children, you can set them up with some instructions and activities for the day to help them manage their time wisely. 

Use your child’s nap time efficiently. Working in the early morning and late evenings can allow you to focus on your tasks.

Get Rid Of Distractions


Working from home requires dedication and commitment. Hence, you have to get rid of non-essential components during work hours. Start by keeping your phone away. Try to stray away from checking your social media upon waking up. Nowadays, this is what keeps us distracted from accomplishing tasks the most.

Also, try to work in a room where there is minimal disturbance and where you can focus on your work. Inform your family members about your schedule so that they only disturb you when it’s necessary. 

Don’t Forget To Practice Self-Care


In addition to making sure that you accomplish your tasks, don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental well-being as well. You can also try daily exercising, meditating, or journaling to maintain a healthy state of mind during this sensitive time. In a very stressful and critical situation, it is most important to practice self-care.

The situation at hand is relatively new to most. By incorporating the ideas on this list, you can make the most out of this new normal.

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