Exercises to Boost Positivity

Exercises have numerous benefits to offer. It cannot only help a person lose fat or gain some muscles but can also contribute to enhancing their levels of fitness. But did you know that exercising can also improve your positivity so you can see things from a much better perspective?  

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10 Simple Ways On How To Stay Positive

Most likely, you already have heard of the advice that to be happy, you must stay positive at How to Stay Positive. 


Most likely, you already have heard of the advice that to be happy – one must stay positive at all times. But really, how do you do just that? The following are only ten of the most helpful ways that can help you get started. 


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How A Voice Class Transformed A Shy Girl That I Knew

[Cultivating One’s Talent]


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Back in middle school, we were asked to go in front individually to share our talent. I could not remember what I did, but I do remember this one particular girl. She went in front and started singing, but we hardly heard her voice. I could not understand a single word, or should I say I could not hear anything at all. We just thought that maybe she had nothing in mind to do, so she just sang.

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How Online Therapy Can Help You Gain Confidence


In this world where there is a lot of competition, having confidence in yourself will take you to places. We all possess a talent or skill, but not everyone develops the courage to use it successfully. Some just let the fire burn out inside them because they are too shy or scared to try. They are afraid to turn out to be a laughing stock or disappointment to other people. 

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Watching Movies Can Boost Your Positivity

Watching movies is entertaining. It makes us feel better when we’re down, but it can also make us sad just like that. It plays with our emotions as we empathize with the characters, and that’s the magic of it all! Always choose a movie that will make you happy. With everything that’s happening around us, there’s no use in aggravating the negativity we are already feeling. Movies can do wonders, and we seldom ignore what they can do in our mentality. We thought that they are just there to entertain us, but notice how movies influence our thinking and our lives in general.

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5 Ways To Style Ripped Jeans Without Anyone Telling You To See A Psychology Expert

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Wearing ripped jeans in public is something that many people feel the need to mull over, considering: 1) some folks think it’s ridiculous to pick that over full pants, and 2) they might recommend a psychology expert to you for embracing the Nu Goth or soft grunge style. Despite that, there are ways to put on such jeans without anyone wondering if you have gone out of your mind.

1. Emphasize With Platforms

Some women try to sophisticate simple jeans by matching them up with strappy stilettos and belts. For grunge and Nu Goth, you want to be the exact opposite of refined. The polished and feminine look will be poles apart from the edgy and rather messy style that these alternative trends are all about. Therefore, rather than wearing shoes with thin heels, set your sights on thick-soled platforms.

They have not been in the mainstream for a while since other types of shoes have sprouted when the 90s have ended. But the good thing is, they are being popularized again so you won’t have a hard time finding them. Your platforms can fully cover your feet (think boots), but they can also be more like a peep toe with an open back. The appropriate colors are white, black, gray or lavender for Nu Goth and the first three for grunge. Try to keep them in solid colors – meaning, no mixes – so that the said styles are targeted. Shredded high-waist pants and a cropped top will not make a bad ensemble for the platforms either.

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2. Wear Printed Tops

When in doubt of what tops you can put on if you like to be Nu Goth for the day, those ripped pants of yours will be amazing with a heavily printed shirt or tank. Prints, however, need to be chosen well. If you want to be ‘in’ in this alternative fashion, the design of your tops should depict corrupted or evil versions of the innocent and playful cartoon characters that you used to love when you were still a child.

On the other hand, there is another style called Pastel Goth, which aims for cuteness and spookiness. It is said to be the offspring of Nu Goth, so you are free to alternate them. Nevertheless, this is not the same for when you want the grunge look since band logos and aliens will fit the bill more.

3. Make It Sparkle

What is excellent about the Nu Goth’s ripped jeans fashion is that you are not bound to a lot of rules. In case you only want to shred your regular pants and leave the ends frayed, you can do so. If you want to add sparkle to it, make sure that you go all out so that your unique style will stand out in the crowd.

The alternative trend is different from every other fashion that the world has seen, and it should be kept that way. Do not be afraid to stick out like a beautifully disheveled thumb. You can mainly be a smash hit with this style once you become bold enough to back out of the norms and embrace what is distinctive. Feel unrestricted to embellish your pants with sequins, or even triangles and upside down crosses. The latter is typical for grunge; that’s why you may glue or stitch them anywhere on your garment.

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4. Put On A Hoodie

A hoodie is not just for your sweat pants. It can be partnered as well with your scruffy shredded jeans to work out grunge or soft grunge style. However, be aware of the fact that hoodies are not all made the same way. Some are bulky and can be zipped up, while others are thin and may or may not reach your belly button.

Your preference should be inclined more to the second-mentioned, for the reason that they can give you the risqué and sultry impression. Nu Goth and grunge are not concerned with what is healthy and less risky. Such styles can make you appear as if the laws of nature do not have any effect on you. Be bold in how much skin you are willing to show, and never fear that the members of the society will disapprove of your choice of clothing. Even though you dress the part, you know oh so well who you are.

5. Rock The Kimono

When you are refreshing to step up your style, start layering the ripped jeans with kimonos. These are more attractive than boleros and cardigans, although they do not need to be buttoned, too. A kimono can be worn regardless of the season because it has long sleeves, but the material is not too thick to make you uncomfortable in it.

Besides, you certainly won’t be rocking it with a full inside shirt anyway. The best part of having a kimono is that your inner apparel can be short enough to cover just your breasts without crossing over to being – for lack of a better word – slutty. Furthermore, since you are pursuing the Nu Goth or grunge style, your kimono has to look more like something a hippie will wear. The shreds on your denim can complement the tassels, knots or even rips on the layered top. The Nu Goth likes flowers; that’s why the kimonos may have such prints. As for the grunge, the dark-colored ones will be better.

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Final Thoughts

Wearing ripped jeans does not entail that you are a low-life thug in the neighborhood or that you are up to no good. It merely shows that you are confident enough to try styles that regular people are too scared to even consider. So, keep on rocking your shredded pants and don’t be afraid to put on other types of fashionable yet controversial clothes.


On The Road To Self-Improvement: Fixing Your Attitude


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I was watching a video uploaded on Facebook yesterday and it was from the Golden Globes. Apparently, they decided to grantMs. Oprah Winfrey the Cecil B. Demille Award, and it was given to her by another powerful woman influencer, Reese Witherspoon.


Anyway, Oprah being Oprah, she knew how to speak in front of people that would arouse inspiration and motivation. She started her speech about a poor girl being raised by a single mom (of course, it was her) who watched Sidney Poitier, an African-American man, win the same award that she received just a few moments ago. They were the only African-American people to ever receive such an honor, and to me, that’s a great deal of achievement.

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Where Can Self-Confidence Take You?

Besides fortune and fame, have you ever thought of what sets celebrities apart from non-celebrities? It’s their overflowing confidence, no less.

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They can act, dance or sing in front of thousands (or even millions) of the audience without feeling self-conscious. When a scandalous rumor comes out, they either handle the issue with poise or choose to ignore. That’s how much props these personalities give themselves.

In truth, self-confidence can take you to greater heights of success, even though you’re not pursuing a career in the entertainment business. You need to develop it from the time you start walking during your toddler days up to the moment you become a retiree. It can also lead you to a lot of worthwhile things, such as:

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