How A Voice Class Transformed A Shy Girl That I Knew

[Cultivating One’s Talent]



Back in middle school, we were asked to go in front individually to share our talent. I could not remember what I did, but I do remember this one particular girl. She went in front and started singing, but we hardly heard her voice. I could not understand a single word, or should I say I could not hear anything at all. We just thought that maybe she had nothing in mind to do, so she just sang.

The reason why I remembered this girl even when I could not remember what I did that day is that I saw her the other night. She was singing at an event, and boy, she was great! I was stunned, and at the end of her performance, I exclaimed, “I know her!” Then it all came back to me. She was that girl in class, but she did not sing like this. How did she become this gorgeous and fearless performer that she is now? She seemed confident. I heard from our former classmate that she attended a voice class, but she already sang well even before that. I was amazed at her transformation, and it got me curious about how attending a talent class can make someone that great.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending A Voice Class?

  1. Attending A Voice Class Can Diminish Stress.

It diffuses stress as it helps a person spend his time healthily and productively on developing his talent and cultivating his passion. It makes a person ignore or lose the opportunity to deal with negative thoughts and situations.


  1. Attending A Voice Class Can Develop Social Skills.

It makes a person mingle with other people who have the same interest. It exposes his best side as the time they would spend mostly together is about harnessing the goodness in discovering one’s ability to make music. It makes a person practice not just singing but conversing and communicating his ideas as well.


  1. Attending A Voice Class Can Flourish in Confidence.

It makes a person believe in oneself. If a person is good at something, it makes him more confident to deal with other people because he knows he has something to offer. It gives him an opportunity to showcase a side of him that is interesting, and it makes him proud of himself.


  1. Attending A Voice Class Can Promote Good Posture.

Singing requires that you also know how to stand and move when performing. A person can develop the way he presents himself which would improve his posture significantly. It is a performer’s goal not just to be pleasing to the ears but to all other senses as well.


  1. Attending A Voice Class Can Help A Person Focus.

Singing requires focusing on every detail and technique of singing. A beautiful voice does not just come out magically as it requires discipline to carry out all the learnings. It makes a person focus on the things he needs to develop rather than think about the negativity around him.


Attending a voice class is a great way to boost a person’s confidence if he has a talent for singing or has a passion for it. However, a person can choose whichever skill he prefers best, may it be dancing, acting, or painting as long as it brings out the best in him.


It only proves that everyone can be great at something. I remember this girl in class always quiet and shy in her seat. Who knew she could sing like this? It is incredible how a person’s determination and faith in oneself can perfect him as an individual.