Laugh, Love, Live: The Power Of Positivity

Are you tired of living your life? Most of us look at life from a negative perspective. If there is anything worth to point out, that is the idea that the only thing permanent in life is change.

Life is supposed to be filled with love and laughter. That is what you call living. Is that even possible? How? Let me open your eyes and help you discover the power of being positive.

Your mindset plays a significant role in how you perceive things and how you behave around people. If you feel you are among people who have developed a negative mindset, it can be important to start working on changing that. — Jacqueline Pearce, MSEd, LMHC



Life’s hardest battle may be that of dealing with many problems which often results in stress. Positivity is one way of looking at things regardless of its nature. Being positive in life will never put you in the wrong situations and will help you appreciate and enjoy living.

A positive or an optimistic person is one who always chooses to see the good side of everything. Be it a problem or whatever; an optimistic person will still appreciate it in one way or another.

Focus on what you actually have control over. Let go of what you do not. — Janeen Herskovitz, MA, LMHC

How To Be Optimistic


Personally, I always choose to see the good in bad. Be it at work or with my relationship; I prefer to be happy. These are some tips to lighten your life by positive-thinking:


  • Make A Decision To Be Happy

The beautiful things in life are free;happinesscan be found wherever you want it. Everything has its own unique beauty. Thank your problems. After all, you will not be able to appreciate life if you don’t have some things to go through.

Having a hard time to understand what is going on? Trust the process. In one way or another, you will surely get there.


  • Focus

Make a plan. Do everything you can to accomplish it.Do not overthink. Sooner or later, you might just be doing more than how you are supposed to be doing.

What if things go wrong? Well, do not take it negatively instead think of a fast solution. Remember that when life gives you lemons, make some? Lemonades!


Effect Of Thinking Positively

Positive thinkingis merely giving oneself an opportunity to live your life fully. This type of thinking gives you the chance to enjoy the journey and be surrounded by happy thoughts.

Being positive can help you to be healthier. A study shows that smiling a lot and persons who are happy are more likely to be healthy than those who are not.

Positive thinking drives you away from getting stressed. That is an advantage because stress leads to different problems.

Moreover, positivity is somehow contagious. Do it and let your neighbor understand it. Who would not want to live a happy life, right?

Thus, according to positive psychology, what lies behind a good life, it seems, are not occasional grandiose gifts of fate. Rather, the ability to use our strengths and virtues for a purpose greater than ourselves, and a steady diet of micro-moments of positivity – however fleeting, however modest – that weave wellbeing from the hum of ordinary days. — Marianna Pogosyan Ph.D.

Be Inspired And Inspire Others



Be inspired by the little things life may offer you. Trust the process and create your voyage. Life may be hard but it a day is always worth living.

Thank God that you are awake. Feel blessed that you have the opportunity to rest. Be mindful that there is a reason for where you are right now. Never forget that you are living for a purpose.

With these tips, becoming happy and stress-free is easy. It is all a matter of choice. What matters in life is simply how you think of it. Never mind others, you are doing great.

Being inspired is one of the euphoric feelings. However, there is more than that, keep thinking positively and be an inspiration to others. In this way, I assure you, we are already building a better place.

In a world filled with darkness disguised by fears, hatred, and anger, be the light and show the beautiful side of everything. Shine as bright as the sun and stand out. Let people realize their worth, share your smile… Start by thinking POSITIVELY.


So, laugh harder, give more love and start living your life the way you should be doing.