Marriage 101:  Therapy Guides In Battling Marital Issues




 Every little difference of opinion leads quickly to tension. Most attempts to discuss disagreements end in heightened conflict or avoiding each other. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Once in a while, our marriage tends to have different kinds of issues that may vitally affect our relationship not just with the people around us but also within ourselves. Most of the time, it creates a stressful situation that limits our productivity due to the mental health conditions that we can get out of frustrations from our relationships. That is why couples need to address the issue and learn various techniques for assessing marital concerns.

Though therapy works wonders and often helps us in dealing with= our marital problems, not all advice applies to all. Some differ depending on the type of issue that they need to resolve. However, there’s still a list of things that married couples should understand. Before they address the issues in their marriage, they need to assess themselves first.




Find Happiness

The truth about a relationship is that you can’t stay committed unless you find happiness in it. Knowing your reason for sticking in a relationship is a factor that can affect your sense of purpose to determine the kind of relationship you want. If your goal is just to settle with someone, but you don’t like to think about the consequences you may face, then marriage is not your option.


Love Yourself

You are incapable of loving someone when you don’t know how to love yourself. The idea of giving importance to your marriage is determining the kind of love you have for yourself. It is by defining how you value yourself as a person, how you respect your thoughts and ideas, and how you satisfy your desire to be in a relationship.

Contempt refers to one partner’s attempts to appear superior to the other. It can include name-calling (“you are such an idiot!”), using humor in a hostile manner, sarcasm, mocking, and eye-rolling. — Meredith Shirey, MS, LMFT

Be Open To Adjustment

Change is constant, and as your relationship with your partner evolves, you have to consider adjustments. Not that you have to become a person that you’re not supposed to be, but it’s a sense of becoming someone who develops skills and potentials that are useful in handling marital issues. Always remember that both of you don’t have to be perfect.


Be Honest With Yourself

Sometimes, your love for commitment blocks you from seeing damaging factors that affect your marriage. If you tend to ignore the warning signs, you may eventually end up losing everything. You have to be honest about yourself and accept that things are not okay. From there, learn and develop better ways that can help you choose what’s right for you and your partner.

Money issues are very common among the couples and if you ever lie about overspendings then it will become difficult to gain that trust again further leading to marriage breakdown. So, being honest in a relationship is a must to keep the love alive forever. — Robert Puff Ph.D.

Know What You Want

Nobody has the right to force you to get married or stay in a marriage for a long time. You need to understand that every decision matters. Therefore, you have to know what you want in order to know what you need. You have to realize that your relationship requires your full commitment if you want it to succeed.




You as a person should understand your responsibilities when in a marriage. Everything negative and positive that happens in your situation is the products of both your decisions. Both of you should have time to assess yourselves and understand the need for self-evaluation.