Tips On How To Have An Anxiety-Free Business And Life


People say that you should be ready not only for the expenses but also for the anxiety once you think of starting a business. It can be quite stressful to come up with an entrepreneurial plan and anticipate how your target audience will react to it. Your investment may not return as quickly as you want as well. Not to mention, you might not always have enough time to juggle your professional and personal life.

Nonetheless, in case you are hoping to have an anxiety-free venture, you should follow the tips below.

Become A Good Leader, Not A Boss

A leader thinks of what is fair for all the employees and gets projects done in a pleasant working environment. A boss, on the other hand, loves to tell their colleagues what to do, prefers to stay in the background, and becomes angry if something wrong happens with the task.

Considering you are afraid of feeling stressed out in your workplace, you should be a leader, not a boss. After all, it entails that you do not mind getting your hands dirty and that you want your subordinates to follow your example. No one has the right to slack off in the office because everyone can see you working as hard as they do – or more.


Some people may just be savvy enough to put in place a cure-all “quick fix” for a problem, but there are exponentially more people who know that the “magic bullet” is seldom the first one fired from their toolbox of solutions. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Make Decisions That Will Benefit All

To make the business successful, the leader needs to generate decisions in which the clients, the laborers, and the society can benefit from. That is regardless of the fact that the company may merely be starting or it is in a tight situation right now.

The reason is that you cannot let a single mistake dictate all your following actions. It is vital to learn from that and still come up with ideas that recognize the possible fate of every person involved. This way, partnerships won’t get pulled out, and employees won’t think of holding a strike.

Listen To Peers And Subordinates Well

Listening more instead of speaking allows you to understand what societal problems can be solved by the company, as well as what essentials they can provide to their hard-working employees. After all, your world cannot merely revolve around the business. You ought to think of the people inside and outside of it to avoid clashing with anyone.

Dream up, then carry out many small, quick experiments in changing your organization. — Eric Haseltine Ph.D.

What you can do is organize a regular meeting with all the members of the team and give them a chance to talk about the issues they notice. In case your company houses hundreds of employees, you may ask supervisors or managers to represent their unit. Doing so will make folks realize that you care not only for their output but also for their well-being.


Maintain Equilibrium

A leading figure is required to maintain a balance between their life and business. You cannot remain in the office without meeting your friends or family for days. At the same time, you cannot be on a month-long holiday and forget your job. Either of the two will be a recipe for disaster.

To ensure that everything is in a state of equilibrium, you should remember to relax as much as you work. Say, you spend eight to ten hours at the workplace daily. That should be the same amount of time that you dedicate to yourself and your loved ones to prevent feeling burnt out fast.

Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to identify, understand, and manage emotions. People with high emotional intelligence can effectively integrate their emotions with their thinking to produce desired outcomes. — Kristi Tackett-Newberg, PhD, LIMHP, CPC

Know One’s True Passion

Work does not seem like work at all if you are doing something that you are genuinely passionate about. It is the typical dilemma for millennials and even some full-fledged adults who cannot decide on what they should be doing with their life. Hence, they end up trying different jobs or opening businesses that make them feel unhappy.

In case you look forward to an anxiety-free life, you should stick to things that you love. If you are an excellent painter, for instance, you can start accepting students who want to paint or sell your artworks. If you are into construction, you may launch a company related to that.


Final Thoughts

Feeling anxious about your business is not always a bad thing. It can keep you on your toes; it can make you want to innovate more. However, the anxiety should not intervene with your daily activities, to the point that you get stuck in your head all the time.

Heed the tips above to ensure that you can have a peaceful life as an entrepreneur. Good luck!