Verifying Mental Health: Things You Need To Remind Yourself Everyday

There are a lot of life problems that perhaps you are dealing with right now. Some might not be that complicated that you can shrug off if you want, while others a bit pain in the ass. Well, it is not always that you understand everything that is happening to you. Most of the time, you lose control. But that should not become your reason to quit fighting for inner peace and happiness. You must exert a lot of time and effort into verifying your mental health. And to do that, you need a couple of daily reminders.

Reminder #1: People’s Opinion Do Not Matter

Life is already too short to think about what others would say. Of course, few people will question your behavior, decisions, and progress in everything you do. That shouldn’t matter. If their words do not contribute to your overall development, then it is useless. You don’t need to listen to it because it will only drag and slow you down. Instead, work your way through the top by bringing focus, determination, and positivity altogether.


Reminder #2: You Are Your Worst Enemy

There is no best feeling in the world than getting the most of your worth. It gives you strength and encouragement to become a better version of yourself. However, the thing you should frequently remember is that your progress is yours alone. You are your worst enemy. Change your perspective, not because you need to please other people. You don’t owe them an effort in proving they are wrong and you are right. Do things because you want it and not because you want others to notice it.

Reminder #3: Positivity Is A Choice

You do not always appreciate yourself for doing the best you can. Of course, there are a lot of things you can’t do. But that is the beauty of life. It allows you to work on the things you thought you couldn’t until you finally achieve it. It takes perseverance and consistency before you can reach your dreams. With that, you must choose positivity. Your optimism is the key to keeping you on track. It helps in better management of your physical, emotional, and mental health.


Reminder #4: Love Your Imperfections

No matter how appreciative and motivated you are, you cannot easily overcome life’s challenges if you don’t love your flaws. Honestly, there is nothing to overcome because your undesirable features are part of your personality and character. But it would be best if you reminded yourself that you should use it to your advantage. Never look at your imperfection as something that hinders you from succeeding. Instead, consider it as an indication of your uniqueness.

Reminder #5: Let Go Of The Past

An important reminder that you should always consider telling yourself daily is to let go of the past. Everything you did yesterday or the days before should be forgotten. Your past is just a portion of your life. There is not much to hold into it. Thus, you need to remind yourself that the battle you need face is right in front of you. Yes, you can still rely on your past experiences and get the best of the lessons in it. But that should be it. Do not let your past experiences dictate your future.


Reminder #6: You Are Not Alone

The problem with most people like you is that you often think that your life struggles are yours alone. That what you are dealing with is unique and is only intended for you. Sorry to break it, but everything that happens in your life is already someone else’s past, present, and perhaps future battle. Meaning, you are not the only individual who has problems. Thus, remind yourself to be kind to others as they are also secretly battling with their own demons.

Reminder #7: It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

There are things in life you can never have, can never understand, and can never achieve. That is the reality. That is why you need to strive hard. It would help if you try and remind yourself that it is okay not to be okay. You don’t have to convince everybody that you are brave enough to face everything. Allow yourself to feel scared, worried, lonely, and stressed. You don’t have to lie and make everyone believe that you are better off alone. Cry if you want to cry and seek help if you must.


Reminder #8: You Are Loved

Never think in your entire life that you are not appreciated and unloved. You are loved. Everything you do makes other people happy. You might not see it, but you give them a purpose to live. Your existence alone already brings an impact on their behaviors, reactions, beliefs, and overall wellness. You are someone else’s source of strength and happiness.