Watching Movies Can Boost Your Positivity

Watching movies is entertaining. It makes us feel better when we’re down, but it can also make us sad just like that. It plays with our emotions as we empathize with the characters, and that’s the magic of it all! Always choose a movie that will make you happy. With everything that’s happening around us, there’s no use in aggravating the negativity we are already feeling. Movies can do wonders, and we seldom ignore what they can do in our mentality. We thought that they are just there to entertain us, but notice how movies influence our thinking and our lives in general.


What Are The Benefits Of Watching Positive Movies?


Makes Us Dream Big


Positive movies can make us realize that this world is full of positivity, and although some may be impossible to happen to us, they show us a glimpse of how good life can be. They make us dream more because we are hopeful that we will get the same results as the character in the movie, and that’s a good thing. We acknowledge that people who dream big make great things happen. They even say that you should aspire grander than your aspirations because chances are you’ll always get what you want, nothing less.

In L.A. the undying, running joke is everyone is carrying around a screenplay… just in case they meet a producer or agent on line in the supermarket, or rear end them on Sunset Blvd. — Stuart Fischoff Ph.D.

Makes Us Feel Better


Positive movies can make us feel better when we are facing hardships in life. It is because we empathize with the characters. Somehow, we can relate to their situation that’s why we also feel happy when they are. Notice how movies can change our mood. That’s how powerful they are. That means we should be watching movies that make us happy. They make us forget about the negative feelings, and we are somehow hopeful for the better.


Inspires Us


We watch movies of people whose stories inspire us. Their stories teach us how good this world can be. With the right people, attitude, place, and moment, great things can happen to us. These things, although maybe a little impossible in real life, happen in the movies, and that’s what inspires us. With about eight billion people in the world, the possibilities are endless.

In Life of Pi, the shift to positive emotion and the sustaining relationships in a horrifically altered universe is driven by signature strengths forged in spiritual meaning and belief. — Patty O’Grady Ph.D.

Motivates Us


Sometimes, when life seems to be dark, all we need is to pause and watch a movie that will motivate us to keep moving forward. We will realize that we are making our stories, and we can’t allow them to end just like that. The only stories that we know of are those that are extraordinary because these people have done what most people wouldn’t, and that’s to keep believing and moving forward even though it’s already pointless.


Teaches Us Life Lessons


Movies teach us valuable lessons in life. We often don’t realize the things that are vital because they’re happening to us, but we must know that although we may have different stories, life teaches us all the same. It’s just a matter of choosing between good and bad, positive and negative, and fighting and quitting.

Questions about individual empowerment through film and social media might not find answers in one therapeutic interaction, but cultural influence may run deeper than our conscious minds presume. — Ron N. Gad, MA, MFT



The planet we live in has been around for quite a while, and many people have inhabited it before us. Why do we hear their stories? Why do we watch the lives of people who lived hundreds of years ago? It’s because they chose to make a difference – to make their life stories worth telling.