Ways To Attract Positivity In Your Home Amid COVID-19

Admit or not, a lot of us are getting anxious and stressed with COVID-19. We don’t know what the future holds, and there are a lot of restrictions that we need to face for safety reasons. 

“This anxiety brings with it powerful symptoms such as chronic worry, restlessness, insomnia, feelings of dread, tense muscles, irritability, and a tremendous urge to defeat a threat. It can be exhausting. It can make us hurt. It can even make us feel sad or hopeless. Anxiety can feel like a malevolent force trying to attack our well-being–like it is trying to torture us,” shares Dr. Eric Goodman, Ph.D., anxiety disorders and OCD specialist.

There are various ways to combat this problem. However, the best way to do so is to start at the four corners of your house. Read on to know the best ways to attract positivity in your home using the principles of feng shui

Front Door

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The front door is the most critical aspect of your home, as it’s the first thing you pass through when going inside. It should be in the best condition since it is a representation of wealth. The most effective way to draw the money energy towards your entrance is to light either side of the door. Place a plant in the area as well. You may go with evergreens since these are the ideal plants for your front door. 

Doors And Windows

Your doors and windows are the media that connect us, the home, and the outside. These are the entry and exit points of both good and bad vibes, so you need to take good care of it. To prevent the positivity from escaping, you must clean the said openings at least once a week. You must also place a stone that will attract good energy. Here’s how to go about this. 

  1. Mix lemon juice and white vinegar in a pot of water. 
  2. Place white quartz stones in the mixture. 
  3. Let it stay for the entire night under the moonlight. 
  4. Throw away the liquid and put the rocks in every opening of your home. 

Do not forget to open the windows at least twice a day to let natural light and fresh air enter. This technique will renew the circulating air inside. 


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A lot of people disregard the hallway, but this represents opportunities. Therefore, if you want energy to circulate, make sure that this place is clutter-free. It will help if you put all your coats, shoes, toys, and other things inside a closed cabinet so that they do not contribute to energy stagnation. 

Place a beautiful mirror on the hall as well to activate the beneficial fee. Fresh flowers will also help in uplifting the space’s energy. 


Do you know that salt is an excellent cleanser, not only physically, but energy-wise as well? It gets rid of all the negativity circulating inside your house and promotes positive energy flow. 

To start, mix seven tablespoons of salt in a pot full of water. Use the said concoction to wipe the floors of your house. Should there be areas with a carpet on it, just spread a little salt and let it do its magic for an hour. You can then vacuum this after the said time range. 


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The kitchen does not only provide food for our stomach, but it also represents food for the soul. The energy in this area keeps nourishment and relationship as healthy as possible. 

Do not face the cooker to the sink as this promotes arguments between couples. The reason behind this is that each creates fire and water, and these elements crash. Also, consider the colors of the kitchen. Avoid placing too much red and black since it also causes a battle between water and fire. 

Lastly, the cooker’s position will determine the nourishment of the people living in the house. Make sure that it is not positioned opposite the front door or under the window. 


Pyramids are one of the most potent attractors of positive energy from an esoteric point of view. These strengthen spiritual life, increase vitality, and fight bad vibrations. 

It is advisable to place these pyramids in the dining and living room. Put it underneath a family photo and face it north to attract good vibes to every family member in the house. Please do not leave it near any appliance as it will absorb their negative energy. 

With COVID-19 putting too much stress on our lives, it is necessary to keep our surroundings as positive as it can be. This strategy will help us eliminate the anxiety we receive from the pandemic. Just follow the tips above, and this transformation will bring good vibes and positivity.